Satisfied Employees

Satisfied employees means satisfied customers. Make sure your employees are and stay motivated!


  • Decrease the number of screens
  • Increase the customer's knowledge
  • Reduce managerial tasks
  • Create task variety
  • Reduce fluctuation and sick leave

Your employees are key figures in your customer contact. Make sure they can efficiently and effectively process customer questions. Prevent a high workload and give them the autonomy to surprise customers. Satisfied employees means satisfied customers!
On average, contact center employees need to use 8 different applications to help a customer. This means they are constantly switching between different screens and it is difficult to keep an overview. With the Online Contact Center, you have one user interface in which the different systems are integrated. This way, your employees can better help your customers and your conversations are 20% shorter.

Thanks to the integration of CRM, ERP and knowledge systems, you can make the life of your employees a lot simpler. When a customer calls, the right customer card can be displayed on your employee's screen before they've even started the conversation. Your employee can see who is calling, what the expected reason for calling is, and what the solution could be. This way, your employee can focus on the customer instead of the internal systems.

The connection with back office systems like CRM, ERP, and ticketing systems make sure your employees only have to make a good registration of the customer contact once. They don't have to spend their time copying and pasting. All data can be automatically stored in the right place in your back office environment and can be used to optimise your service. By making the next contact with your customer even more personal, for example.

Employees can switch between tasks, a system called blending. Multiple channels, like telephony and chat, can be handled by the same employee if they have the right skill set. This blending is not only reserved for the different communication channels, but also for incoming and outgoing conversations.

Because Mtel's contact center services are flexible and scalable and because you can immediately adapt to current incoming contact, you can relieve pressure from the workplace. Your employees will happily come into work and sick leave will decrease.

The blending and the different options for helping customers will improve your employees' commitment. This prevents your employees and their knowledge leaving the department and you having to recruit and train new people.

Our services

Contact center as a Service

Make a difference for your customers as well as your employees with scalable omnichannel customer contact solutions from the cloud.

Online Contact Center Online Business Telephony Call Center Online Routing Manager

Unified Communication as a Service

Create optimum accessibility and efficient collaboration with an individual set of communication tools for every employee.

Online Business Telephony Online Team Contact

Communication-Enabled Business Processes

Maak uw front- en backoffice systemen interactief en ontketen het potentieel van pro-actief klantcontact.

Online Self-Service Online Broadcast Manager


Use and enrich information from existing systems to exceed your customer's expectations, work more efficiently and create new business opportunities.

Social media CRM and Ticketing Systems Telecom Infrastructure

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