Your organisation or contact center always accessible. Save up to 90% of your costs per conversation and give your customers the option to deal with you without human interference.


  • Fewer calls to the contact center
  • Fewer abandoned calls
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduced costs
  • Shorter waiting periods

How can you save costs immediately and get a higher customer satisfaction? By using Online Self-Service, the customers serve themselves and an expensive conversation in the contact center is be avoided.

Prevent Frequently Asked Questions

Your savings can be substantial when you prevent frequently asked questions. The solution is twofold: create a clear and proactive communication, making sure questions don't even arise, and when they do, answer them automatically as much as you can.

Consumers are used to Online Self-Service and even prefer it in some cases. For requesting an account balance or performing transactions, a "computer" has a reliable image. Other examples of self-service procedures are requesting an invoice copy or parking registration.

Reduce Costs

A question that is automatically dealt with costs only 10% of what it would have cost had the question ended up with the contact center. Besides these significant savings, agents will have more time left to answer complex questions with a higher value, enabling them to make a difference and have higher job satisfaction.


Our services

Contact center as a Service

Make a difference for your customers as well as your employees with scalable omnichannel customer contact solutions from the cloud.

Online Contact Center Online Business Telephony Call Center Online Routing Manager

Unified Communication as a Service

Create optimum accessibility and efficient collaboration with an individual set of communication tools for every employee.

Online Business Telephony Online Team Contact

Communication-Enabled Business Processes

Maak uw front- en backoffice systemen interactief en ontketen het potentieel van pro-actief klantcontact.

Online Self-Service Online Broadcast Manager


Use and enrich information from existing systems to exceed your customer's expectations, work more efficiently and create new business opportunities.

Social media CRM and Ticketing Systems Telecom Infrastructure

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