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Distinguish yourself as a health care provider by offering good service without compromising your accessibility. Accessibility is a matter of life and death in health care!

From Health Care Professional to Health Care Provider

Optimise the accessibility of your health care service. Your patients are increasingly vocal, less dependent, and expect better service. Recognise your patients, provide customised care and distinguish yourself from other health care providers.

Accessibility Is a Matter of Life and Death

Focus on accessibility with insights from the reports. Automatically handle recurring calls and only let relevant calls get transferred to your health care professional.

Reduce Pressure for Your Employees

Reduce the pressure on your employees by structuring their accessibility in a better way. No unnecessary phone stress for your health care professionals, relieving work pressure and increasing efficiency by 10%.

Optimum Phone Accessibility in Health Care

Good 24/7 accessibility is a matter of life and death when it comes to emergency health questions. Automatically transfer clients to the right health care professional based on the duty-roster.

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Health care provider Azora wants to make sure that clients immediately get put through to the right home care professional. They also want insight into the accessibility by phone and unburden the service point. Thanks to Team Contact, the phone automatically rings at the on-call employee, guaranteeing the accessibility of the home care team.

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