Personal customer contact for Selecta with the Online Routing Manager

Personal customer contact for Selecta with the Online Routing Manager

The daily contact Selecta has with her customers becomes even more personal with the Online Routing Manager. Those customers who are recognised by their phone number are automatically transferred to the Customer Experience Circle, where the right expertise and skills are present.

Selecta is Europe's biggest service provider for coffee provisions. Selecta's Swiss roots guarantee the best service, product quality and innovative coffee concepts. With their motto "Unlimited Delight" ("Onbeperkt Genieten") Selecta Netherlands and its 250 employees and more than 25,000 machines ensure that employees and visitors everywhere can enjoy an excellent coffee, cappuccino, espresso, soft drink, some candy, snack or a fresh product at any time.

Increase in Accessibility and NPS

Arjan de Bruijn, Manager Customer Service at Selecta, about Online Routing Manager: 'Thanks to the new Online Routing technology, we can help our customers at once and in a more personal way, with multidisciplinary teams. Our accessibility increased by 20%. The customer satisfaction survey (NPS) shows an increase of 3% in a short amount of time. Our customers give our service an 8.1'

Customer Experience Circle

Selecta's contact center is divided into Customer Experience Circles, creating a more personal customer contact. Within the circles, the right knowledge and skills are available to independently handle all questions from a specific customer group. Thanks to the Online Routing Manager, Selecta's customers are directly transferred to the right Customer Experience Circle without having to go through a selection menu. Selecta can simply adjust the Online Routing Manager via the web portal according to their current needs. They can for example change end destinations and look at the statistics.

Personal Customer Contact

Customer recognition forms the basis of personal customer contact. The employees have the right knowledge, skills and, thanks to a connection to the CRM system, the right customer information and context for the conversation. Through this direct approach, the customer feels like he is helped personally.

Communication Partner in Customer Contact

With Mtel, Selecta has a communication partner in customer contact. Mtel focuses on the customer process and sets up their technology accordingly. This makes Selecta's desired customer processes possible. Selecta has a flexible, scalable solution and is ready for the optimal customer experience, now and in the future.

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