Cannock Chase Uses Online Contact Center

Cannock Chase Uses Online Contact Center

Cannock Chase uses the Cloud Contact Center Service of customer contact specialist Mtel With the Online Contact Center (OCC) service from Mtel, Cannock Chase has all the desired functionalities to help their customers now and in the future, in the best way possible.

Cannock Chase - part of the DAS group - offers broad financial services with a focus on credit management - to businesses, local governments and housing associations. They take away problems from their client by deploying specialists to take over the processes. Cannock Chase's contact center is located in Brouwershaven; the Cannock Connect Center. All phone traffic for the whole Cannock Chase Group arrives here and most outbound traffic originates here. The Connect Center and its 100 employees are gaining importance in the overall proposition of Cannock Chase. It also turned out the current contact center solution didn't offer the functionality the organisation needed. John van Veen, Managing Director of Cannock Chase: 'We were looking for an innovative contact center to process and route the large amounts of calls more efficiently. We also wanted to set up our call flows in a more flexible way. Ideally in a way we can mostly manage it ourselves instead of being dependent on an external IT company.'

From the start, Cannock Chase involved a large group of employees to help pick out the right contact center solution and partner. This brought up a lot of information, which helped map out the organisation's needs and create a solid business case. In the end, Mtel stood out from these talks. John van Veen: 'During our orientation phase, the contact with Mtel was very pleasant. They really thought along with our processes. Because of the very user-friendly interface we decided to go with Mtel for our new contact center service.'

Extensive Functionality

With the complete cloud contact center solution, the 100 employees can very efficiently set up outbound calls themselves. And supervisors have more control to make employees function optimally. They now have better reporting, use skill-based routing and an online web portal where they can manage customer entries. Finally, Cannock Chase's IT department is completely unburdened from technical management, upgrades and integrations within the contact center service.

Proactively Inform

With the Online Broadcast Manager, Cannock Chase can quickly and easily inform customers and contacts via text and voice messages. They can create campaigns which send messages completely automatically via a user-friendly web portal.


So that the customer can take more control as well, the cloud contact center solution comes with a self-service solution. By integrating Cannock Chase's CRM systems, callers can automatically handle things on the phone, without the need for an employee.

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