Amac Optimises Customer Contact

Amac Optimises Customer Contact

Amac, the biggest Apple Premium Reseller, works together with Mtel to optimise their business telephony and customer contact environment for their stores and the headquarters. The existing telephony environment was too unstable, had limited functionality and didn't give insights into the organisation's accessibility.

The Store Phone Rings

The Amac teams have all the knowledge to answer your questions and love to advise you about the right Mac, iPad, iPhone or other Apple product. Store customers gladly use this opportunity, meaning the staff is often unable to pick up the phone.

Flexible and Scalable

Mtel's solution for Amac is based on Online Business Telephony, including a call center for the customer care department and a modular IVR. This communication environment was sold in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model which is characterised by low investments and a high amount of flexibility and scalability. With new product introductions, Amac can easily absorb the expected peaks. The overflow from the stores is routed to the customer service and the caller's customer data are visible with the incoming call.

Do It Yourself

With this solution, Amac is able to further optimise their customer contact processes and set up accessibility for the customer in a smarter way. Amac now has the flexible solution they need to quickly adapt to current situations. Furthermore, the organisation has real-time insight into its traffic with extensive reports, making management easier. Amac does the functional management itself and can implement changes directly via the online management portal.

Communication partner in customer contact

With Mtel as a communication partner, Amac not only has a future-proof cloud communication service at its disposal, but it also gets a partner who thinks along with respect to customer contact and accessibility.

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